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Shield windows, graphics, and other surfaces from graffiti and vandalism
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anti-graffiti films benefits

Anti-Graffiti Window Film shields graphics, surfaces, and windows from "tagging" (as graffiti is commonly referred to), vandalism, and damage. Why waste time and money replacing windows? 3M Anti-Graffiti Window Film helps prevent the damage in the first place by protecting surfaces against graffiti before it begins.

3M Anti-Graffiti Window Film is an optically clear, distortion-free film for protection of windows, graphics, mirrors and other surfaces in retail, public facilities, and any street-level glass applications.

invisible shield

Useful for interior or exterior applications, if the film becomes scratched or etched, it provides an invisible barrier that can be removed and replaced as opposed to replacing the glass itself. The protection is virtually invisible and will not alter the appearance of glass or any surface is applied to
anti-graffiti shield

shield your property from vandalism

3M anti-graffiti films provide an invisible shield for your windows and graphics. If "tagging" happens, you can just replace the film - not the window.

various thicknesses to prevent etching

3M anti-graffiti films come in two thicknesses, depending on the level of protection required. This is to protect against further damage such as etching.

optically clear. technically superior.

Optically clear so there's no visible indication a film is covering the surface. Therefore, the film does not obstruct windows or graphics.

backed by the 3m guarantee & warranty program

Selecting 3M Window Films gives you peace of mind. All 3M window film products are backed by an industry-leading 15 year warranty.

anti-graffiti film options

3M Anti-Graffiti 4

Anti-Graffiti window film is an optically clear, distortion free film useful for both interior and exterior applications. The film comes in two thicknesses for graffiti abatement in low and high-risk situations and is particularly effective in resisting damage from glass-etching solutions used by vandals. When applied to glass, this film also offers the extra benefit of blocking 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet rays.

3M Anti-Graffiti 4 SPECS
3M Anti-Graffiti 6

For protecting glass surfaces from all forms of graffiti such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges in retail, public facilities and any street-level glass applications. Also provides a protective barrier in elevators, escalators, bathroom mirrors and glass counter tops. When applied to glass, this film also offers the extra benefit of blocking 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet rays.

3M Anti-Graffiti 6 SPECS


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